Content Writer

Triah is our first Pseudo author and is a psychology major. She is currently working as a child psychologist and has a strong passion for art. Whenever she feels down she likes to express herself in terms of drawing, painting, or writing. She feels that communication in any form is the most important thing as it helps you to express yourself and gives you the freedom to be yourself. She loves soothing and calming music.

Triah loves to read novels and likes astrology. Paranormal psychology is another one of her interests. She is a depression survivor and wants people to know that they are not alone and they are enough.  Her favorite quote is “My idea of self-love is freedom”.  For her, it clearly defines that she craves freedom to live, freedom to make mistakes, freedom to fall in love, freedom to roam around the world, and freedom to do whatever she feel likes. 

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

I have been working with the blog since a few months. When I initially, joined I had a lot of anxiety and doubts about whether I am a good writer or not. But as I have started writing, I have made progress in my writing and I am getting more confident now. Here, I would like to thank the blog and Jahnvi for helping me and providing me an opportunity to talk about what I feel without filtering. This blog has provided me with an opportunity to be myself and write whatever I feel like. The blog has helped me in becoming a better writer. It’s been a few months but the blog has given me a great opportunity and I can’t thank you enough and just be grateful for the likes and comments.