Perfect Imperfections | Lavanya

Somehow, we are convinced to find peace and to be full is the goal, When maybe the goal is to just be okay with the chaos, to find the peace which still is astray; at times we really do teach ourselves how to accept the uncertainties which life offers. Maybe the goal is to be okay with not having all the answers, To finally learn … Continue reading Perfect Imperfections | Lavanya

Self- Love, Forgiveness, and All Things Good | Jahnvi

Now there are two ways to find love or feel loved: external source and internal source. External; finding love elsewhere. From another person, many find happiness and feel loved from pets. That is indeed a good way, well work for many people. But it does not always last. Then what does? Self-love.  Another question is what is self-love? It could be pampering oneself with a … Continue reading Self- Love, Forgiveness, and All Things Good | Jahnvi