Hiding Behind a Smile | Shalini

TU ITNA JO MUSKURA RAHI HO KYA GAM HE JO CHUPA RAHI HO These are the lines of a Hindi song. It basically means that a question is being asked to a person who is forever smiling- You are smiling so much, tell me what sorrows are you hiding behind this over bright smile? Too much of anything is bad but we try to hide … Continue reading Hiding Behind a Smile | Shalini

Secret of Friendship | Jahnvi

Let me tell you a secret. Friendship is a funny relationship. We think it is so important and maybe it is, we are social animals after all. Yes, we need constant social companionship, it is important for our survival. What I really like about this relationship is that can you really know who is your real friend and who is just pretending. Sometimes we can, … Continue reading Secret of Friendship | Jahnvi