Giving Up | Jatin

Is giving up bad? When I first met you, I was already 3 heartbreaks old. Desperate for love, naΓ―ve, I don’t know but I still wasn’t bitter. You know the feeling you have that maybe the next one will be the one and if you stop trying, you’ll regret it? Maybe that’s the feeling that kept me going. Maybe that is why when I first … Continue reading Giving Up | Jatin

The Resilient Generations | Jahnvi

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Plans don’t Always Work | Kritika

Plans, something we all make before we put things into action. Be it a rough outline of how you’ll spend your weekend or a detailed hour by hour breakdown of that perfect dream vacation. There is hardly anything we do without making a plan. A daily list, weekly to-do, monthly goals, yearly goals, 5-year goals. We all strategically plan and organize our to-do or to-achieve … Continue reading Plans don’t Always Work | Kritika