Is it Every Enough? | Rohit

I have questions to which I never will get answers. The biggest question that runs my mind is, is it ever enough? Is it ever enough? The love you give to someone.  Is it ever enough? All the things to do for your family. Is it ever enough? The way you live.  Is it ever enough? The life that is offered to you. I have … Continue reading Is it Every Enough? | Rohit

Music: Shorthand of Emotions | Sukhada

“Where words fail, Music speaks.” -Hans Christian Anderson As pleasurable and joyous as listening to music can be, it is widely used as a medium to manage stress and improve mental well-being. There are countless other psychological benefits to listening to music alongside the potential for pleasure and joy. Music can elevate the spirit, energise the body, and even help pain management. The immune system, … Continue reading Music: Shorthand of Emotions | Sukhada

Cynicism | Burnout Series (Part 2) | Shalini

Cynicism is an attitude characterised by a general distrust of the motives of “others”. A cynic may have a general lack of faith or hope in people motivated by ambition, desire, greed, gratification, materialism, goals and opinions that a cynic perceives as vain, unobtainable or ultimately meaningless and therefore deserving of ridicule or admonishment. Burnout according to the dictionary, becomes exhaustion through overwork. One of … Continue reading Cynicism | Burnout Series (Part 2) | Shalini

Choose yourself | Triah

When it comes to a friendship or any relationship, things tend to go up and down. There are some good days and there are some bad days. But when your close person changes you feel heartbreak whether it’s a friendship or a relationship. You feel so angry, sad, confused, and helpless, all at the same time. Sometimes you even blame yourself, get anxious, doubt yourself, … Continue reading Choose yourself | Triah

Are we Really Free? | Ambalika

India celebrates 75 years of Independence this year which is a remarkable journey altogether. On account of it, a very Happy Independence Day to all the Indians in India and across the world who would stumble by this post. But the question to ask is when we look down deep and ask ourselves are we free, what is the answer you get? Do you feel … Continue reading Are we Really Free? | Ambalika

Let’s Talk about Mindset | Lavanya

“MINDSET”, is a current catchword in the wellness and psychology landscape. But what is it? Why is it so important? It is not something new, but with the world changing with tides, it shows that people have begun to focus more inwards and not try to gain control over what is in their purview. It is critical because it is the key driver of all … Continue reading Let’s Talk about Mindset | Lavanya

Friendship Day ’22 | Jatin

Partner-in-crime, bhai (brother), yaar (friend); I’m pretty sure these terms remind you of someone. That someone may be one person, or a group of people, that makes you feel at home in this strange world. Those are the people that are your family away from your family. They are the people for whom ‘I’ll be there for you’ was composed in the first place; you … Continue reading Friendship Day ’22 | Jatin

Causes of Frustration | Jahnvi

Everyone has a limited about of patience in them. No matter how accommodating you might be, or how patient you might be. You will not behave that way forever. At some point, you will have had enough of other people taking you for granted. Yes, that is what happens if you let go too much. Once, you said, “it’s okay, I will manage”. Then another … Continue reading Causes of Frustration | Jahnvi

5 Years Down the Line | Part 4 | Sneha

Ever since we turn a teenager, we are asked this question way too often- what do you think will happen five years down the line? The only difference is- as a kid, we are dreamers, so our answers include better life, a better world, happiness, and peace but, the moment we become an adult, the answer keeps getting realistic. From world peace, we come down … Continue reading 5 Years Down the Line | Part 4 | Sneha

International Self-Care Day | Triah

Many of us work in hectic jobs where the individual does not get time for one’s own basic needs. Some of us feel that self-care is a selfish thing to do and we should focus more on others’ needs and we spend all our life focusing on others and forgetting to take care of ourselves. Even though self-care feels like a selfish thing to you, … Continue reading International Self-Care Day | Triah

Many Loves – An Expedition | Shreya

Some or most of us have many romantic loves in this lifetime. Sometimes more than one at any given point in time. Yes! I am talking about Polyamory. So, what is all the hype about this term gaining momentum lately? It has always been around; people are just opening up about it now. Geeky Fact: Poly comes from a Greek word meaning “many” and amor … Continue reading Many Loves – An Expedition | Shreya

Instant Karma | Rohit

I welcome you to the beginning of kaliyuga where we have already spent 5000 years and are left with 5000 more until the big boom/reincarnation of god as per Hindu scriptures. The biggest reason god would take birth as a human is pretty interesting and it’s not uncommon as this happened in all yugas and that is to end the evil.  But what are these … Continue reading Instant Karma | Rohit

Productivity: Our by product | Ambalika

As humans, we have the capability of being diverse and falling in multiple shoes. We have all the means to be at any place we wish to be with the resources we are gifted with. We are one of the few rare species that is both a creator and a creation. We are the creator because we choose the food we eat. And we are … Continue reading Productivity: Our by product | Ambalika

Addressing Myths about Psychologists | Ambalika

If you are wondering that no such thing exists, then let me just enlighten you by busting some unacceptable myths that psychologists generally go through given at what pace this profession is rising. This is actually based on a stereotype that psychologists are listeners, someone who is a perfect person and would not generally express strident emotions like anger or agony. This cannot be true … Continue reading Addressing Myths about Psychologists | Ambalika