The One | Jatin

To the one who’s hard to come by, Love is not complicated. Love is not a math test. Contrary to what people say, it is simple. Love is the content you feel when you watch them widen their eyes when they talk about something they like. It is their thumb slightly caressing your hand when they hold it while crossing the road or their tug … Continue reading The One | Jatin

Cultural Appropriation | Jahnvi

Cultural appropriation is a topic that has been in the spotlight for a while now. But sorry to disappoint the majority of you, because this isn’t a viewpoint many will appreciate. But I pride myself on this platform to be pure and provide original thoughts. So, I will give my very honest point of view. When celebrities get dreadlocks or any other beautiful hairstyles that … Continue reading Cultural Appropriation | Jahnvi

Infinite Love | TPI

Love and attachment are separate entities. Attachment hinders growth, love nurtures growth. People assume attachment and love always come together and both cannot exist individually. But you can be attached to someone and not love them, and love someone and not be attached to them. People have this habit of attaching themselves to other people, they are afraid to be without those anchors, afraid to … Continue reading Infinite Love | TPI