4th Horseman & Conclusion | Ambalika

So finally, after having a ride with talking about the three horsemen, lets now lastly talk about the 4th and the last horsemen which are stonewalling. It is shutting down during an argument and becoming unresponsive to your significant partner. There is no confrontation, no listening to each other patiently, no interaction, whatsoever during any fight which makes it ugly. The probable reason for this … Continue reading 4th Horseman & Conclusion | Ambalika

2nd Horseman | 4 Horsemen Series (Part 2) | Shalini

All relationships have conflict. It is what makes up relationships, but it is also something that can destroy them. No two people are the same therefore they will not look at any situation the same way the conflict. How people manage these conflicts decides how good or bad the relationship is. It will also decide if it will be a successful relationship or not. For … Continue reading 2nd Horseman | 4 Horsemen Series (Part 2) | Shalini