Beyond Gender Binaries | Shreya

I said to a friend one day, “I believe my gender is as fluid as my sexuality.” I am a cis-women who feels femme one day and masculine the very next day. I can still be a woman and feel both ways. Gender isn’t defined by the anatomy of the body, it is how you feel about yourself. Here I am asked, “How can you … Continue reading Beyond Gender Binaries | Shreya

Tamasha: Be who you are | Jatin

An underrated masterpiece. This is one of those movies that stay with you long after the end credits roll. Tara and Ved- Tara deserve to be mentioned first because, without her, we won’t have Ved or this movie. Imtiaz Ali embodies actual human emotions with such ease in his characters and these two accurately showcase his talents.  This movie is much more than a love … Continue reading Tamasha: Be who you are | Jatin