Music: Shorthand of Emotions | Sukhada

“Where words fail, Music speaks.” -Hans Christian Anderson As pleasurable and joyous as listening to music can be, it is widely used as a medium to manage stress and improve mental well-being. There are countless other psychological benefits to listening to music alongside the potential for pleasure and joy. Music can elevate the spirit, energise the body, and even help pain management. The immune system, … Continue reading Music: Shorthand of Emotions | Sukhada

Patience Art Requires | Kritika

We are living in a time where we have the entire world at our fingertips, anything can be done with just a snap of our fingers. In a world where technology is so advanced and everything so fast-paced that you get food in a drive-through within 10 minutes. Talking to someone in a time-zone 7 hours behind happens in a blink. Learning anything and everything … Continue reading Patience Art Requires | Kritika

Psychology of Actions | Jahnvi

All of us at some point have had this thing called a ‘celebrity crush’. We all have it, but why? Mostly because they live a public life which is in everyoneโ€™s eyes. Yes, they look great but mostly it is because of the public nature of their lives we tend to get attracted. Similarly, it is more common for famous people to be with famous … Continue reading Psychology of Actions | Jahnvi