Fighting Loneliness | Triah

One fine day I was sitting with my friends, I knew them since childhood we went to school together and now, even in college, we find time for each other and then I had this sudden realisation of lacking something in my life. I was with these people I love but I felt empty and strange like they are not everything I want and something … Continue reading Fighting Loneliness | Triah

Anxiety Management | Jahnvi

Sometimes we cannot go to professionals. Sometimes self-care is the option we opt for. I wrote about how worrying does no good. I talked about how nothing will be achieved if we worry, the only thing it’ll cause is an illness. But that doesn’t mean we don’t worry; everyone worries and so do I. Let us together discover ways we can manage the anxiety and … Continue reading Anxiety Management | Jahnvi

Worrying does no Good | Jahnvi

We worry about thing all the time. Things that haven’t even happened yet, things that might happen. But why worry about something that might happen, there is no point in giving yourself a hard time about something that hasn’t happened or probably will or won’t happen. That is extra hours or days of stress that your mind and body does not need. Students worry about … Continue reading Worrying does no Good | Jahnvi