Sukhada Digikar

Content Writer

Sukhada is a finance professional. Gaining financial freedom and knowledge is the first step to becoming independent. She is an artist by passion and loves to have her way with paints and colours. She has an Instagram page called “My candid art” where she posts her paintings and artwork. She’s a melomaniac (a die-hard fan of music).

She fell in love with literature and language while she was in school. She grew up reading Shakespeare, Nancy Drew and Harry Potter. And that’s where she developed the knack for writing. Choosing the right words and expressing them in an unbiased way is her motto. She is a freelance writer and has worked with WittyPen. She’s ambitious, creative, innovative, hard-working and self-driven. She loves updating herself with the trends and markets to keep herself up to date. She believes that life is short, and enjoys the colours in it.

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

I first started my journey with the wellbeing blog in January 2022. My first blog was on why reading is important. The blog space helped me get the platform to convey my thoughts and feelings in a beautiful array of words. I soon explored the medium of podcasts. And, I realised I enjoyed doing them more. Providing such a play where you can put out your thoughts without the restriction of topics is commendable. My experience has been nothing short of an adventure and I’m sure it’s going to be a great ride ahead!!