Sneha Kumari

Content Writer

Sneha is a Mass Communication graduate who works as a content writer and editor during the day and finds her solace in novels at night. Being from a defense background and growing up across the country, she didn’t make many friends as a kid except two- her diary and pen. She began scribbling at 8 and decided to make a career stitching words when she turned 13. Being a curious soul, she experimented with many things growing up: playing sports, training as a radio jockey, working with NGOs and even teaching dance- she tried it all. But nothing made her feel at home except the world of words.

Her love for fiction grew when she got her hands on the Sherlock Holmes series, although to this date, her comfort is a Ruskin Bond book. Sneha’s journey as a writer has never taken a halt. She loves writing and performing poetry, though writing fiction excites her the most. She wants to be known as a relatable artist rather than an idealistic one. A firm believer in keeping things uncomplicated, she avoids superfluous language. Taking inspiration from her name (in Hindi, Sneha or Sneh means love), her poems are primarily about love and longing- as she finds it the most relatable content that she can do justice to. She wants to leave the world as a writer who inspired someone else to write. Some of her couplets and one-liners can be found on the Instagram handle- Numaishein

Instagram: Born_writer

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

I came across The Wellbeing Blog in November 2021 through their open mic, Calm in the Storm, and felt at home. I have never missed a single open mic since then. I got out of my long writer’s block and now churn out at least two poems every month to have fresh content for the open mic. When I was given the opportunity to write for The Wellbeing Blog, I was thrilled as I seconded their ideologies. Writing for the blog gives me a chance to express my thoughts on the topics I always wanted to but could never find the right platform for. I find The Wellbeing Blog a levelled, equal and supportive place that invites all artists, encourages them and has their back. I have fallen in love with this space so much that I don’t miss a chance to talk about it and encourage more people to join.