Shalini Rateja

Manager & Writer

Shalini is a Librarian by profession and took up this profession because of her passion for reading. The satisfaction of seeing her students succeed made her happy because being able to nudge them in the right direction was a huge motivating factor in staying on this path. She has helped many girls achieve their dreams and be better people. Her views that every human being has the potential to do great, they just need a nudge in the right direction has been her motivating factor to continue helping whoever needs it.

Besides reading Shalini is fond of writing too. She has been writing for the wellbeing blog for about a year. She also writes poems in her free time. Podcasting is a new thing that she has started doing recently. Shalini enjoys swimming, travelling, listening to music, and dancing. She believes that dance and music have healing effect on the soul and appreciates the hard work done by the artist in all art forms.

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

The Wellbeing Blog gave me a direction when I was at a crossroads in my life and was not sure which path to take. It helped me to collect and pen down not only my thoughts but also share my experiences. I believe that if I can make a difference in even one personโ€™s life, it is an achievement and The Wellbeing Blog made me feel that sense of achievement. It made me feel a sense of fulfilment and be myself without anyone constantly judging me or my choices.