Sanyam Saini – Photogreditor


Sanyam has been a camera enthusiast since his school days. He feels carrying a camera completes him. He has a Mass Communication background which he chose for his love for visual stories and films as he wanted to study something in line of his passion. He started his photography journey with capturing wildlife and making time stand still in the wild. He has been exploring other genres and that’s how he got in touch with The Wellbeing Blog. Travelling and clicking is his passion, which ties in well with his love of travelling and exploring new places.

Sanyam works as a Production Head at an organisation where he gets to produce digital content for various clients through photography, videography, editing, etc. He loves to take long drives to sooth himself and believes in following his passion in anyway he can.

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

I came across the blog when I was trying to explore different genres of videography and was given a chance to explore the Open Mic stage. I’ve always felt a safe space with The Wellbeing Blog where as an artist I can learn, try and experiment with new things as the blog gives a lot of creative freedom. The platform has given me a lot of confidence in me and my talent. I highly appreciate the blog for giving such a platform and the experience.