Content Writer

Rohit identifies himself as an ambitious , self loving , confident guy who loves music and all forms of art . Art for him is like breathing is to people . He finds creative liberty in almost everything he does. For him life is a joyful ride full of obstacles, but he always keeps a smile to face them head to head. He has not learnt much about life from other people but his own experiences. Heartbreaks , relationships , friendships, hustle etc are all learnt through experience.

Rohit reads a lot of conspiracy theories, the truth about existence and Psychological fiction novels as they all provide a new perspective to his life. He has written a book called the Delusion which is a collection of 10 Psychology fiction spine chilling stories. He is inspired by musicians – Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison . Writing gives him a more appropriate cause to exist because those little articles will be stored somewhere forever and will prove his existence.

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

I have been writing for the well-being blog for a while now and have had a great experience so far. Each blog is a new challenge as it gives us the freedom to write anything, the way we want to. The blog is really supportive and assures that all writers boosts each other’s morale and confidence . This also opens the doors for us writers to perform in front of people as there are many open mics organised by The Wellbeing Blog as well. We can show case our talent there and this creates a further expansion to our current confidence. So over all it has been a fantastic experience.