Lavanya Sharma

Content Writer

Lavanya who is just starting with her college is someone who likes to keep herself to a level of minimalists when it comes to talking about herself, she has always had interests in science and literature, and wishes to pursue a career in research field. When it comes to expressing herself, she finds nothing better than words and art to do the job. She sees art as an emotion, for it “allows oneself to express the individual in comprehensible ways”. For her art and sci-fi are a go-to any time. Lavanya is an extrovert most of the times though she likes to be with people, not just to be around them but to study what is it like to be next to the someone with completely different aptitudes, likings, behavior and so on. But there are times she wants to just be quiet and likes the silence around when she is in a difficult situation.

Lavanya like to see world differently. She believes in asking the reason than to say yes, every time. She also believes in finding our own self before presenting your unpeeled layers to the world. Lavanya is on a journey different from yours but with the same destiny of finding the best of our selves.

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

I joined ‘The Wellbeing Blog’ with a sole purpose of presenting my write ups to a larger audience, but the workspace this blog provides has changed my idea of writing. From trying to find the perfect words every time to trying to find the correct emotion of words which leads the reader to a truthful vibe. It does not cloud the reader’s idea of judgement, I feel obliged to be a part of the team wherein the members are so consumed with the idea of presenting what they believe in such a rightful manner.