Kritika Sharma

Content Writer

Kritika has loved to read and write ever since she was a child. She wrote her first poem when she was 8 years old and has been writing ever since. She finds words to be the best medium to express herself. Sometimes bright and energetic and other times quiet and calm, she loves going out as much as she loves being snuggled in her blanket. She loves to talk about stars, galaxies, history, literature, nature and philosophies— everything about the world and the universe intrigues her. She is also passionate about singing and always has some music playing in the background while she is working. With an imagination as wild and unbound as the wilderness itself, she is always coming up with new ideas and stories in her head. She is a curious person, eager for answers and to learn new things.

She is ambitious and determined; when she puts her head and heart into something, nothing can come stop her from working towards it and she doesn’t stop until she’s achieved her goal. She looks at life in a perspective not many choose to and that sets her aside from others. Kritika has had her work published in E-Zines like Local Color Zine and 2 Anthologies, The Elysian and The Musings of a Fellow Quarantiner. She also has a page on Instagram, All That Remained Unsaid, where she shares her poems and works.

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

It was in June 2020 when I started writing for the Wellbeing Blog. I remember the first write-up that I had written which was uploaded on the blog, about hypocrisy. At the time, when everything that was familiar to me was slowly disappearing and I was frantically trying to hold onto something to keep my sanity. My journey from that day till today has been one of constant growth— as a Writer as well as a person. This blog has given me the space to let out all my frustration and my anger, and also my experiences and my epiphanies. Also, reading and listening to the other writers on the blog has given me an insight to a lot of things. I’ve come to hold different opinions, react to things differently.