Jahnvi Kataria

Founder & Writer

Jahnvi is an empathic and ambitious business psychologist who likes to help people find their calling. She studied Business Psychology from London where she also worked and gained her initial experience. She is a dancer who fell in love with psychology and business. So, she decided to combine the two and studied Business Psychology. She appreciates all kinds of art and likes to promote them in anyway she can. She wrote her first poem in 2017 and has been writing ever since. She published her first book called ‘Lamp in the Chasm’ in 2021 which is a poetry compliance. She believes that no one reaches anywhere alone and that “Together we are Whole” which she made into the moto of the blog as well.

Jahnvi started dancing at the young age of 6 years and has since graduated in Bharatanatyam at the age of 16 years. She loves to travel and spend time with friends and family. Her dream is to create a space where people can come and share their experiences without the fear of being judged and grow in the direction of their passion. Jahnvi is determined, companionate, and empathetic which helps her connect with her team and clients better.

Book by Jahnvi

Lamp in the Chasm

(A poetry compilation)

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Inception of ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

I was in my house in London, reading up on blogs and articles. Doing my research when it struck me that just how biased many people can be and to no fault of their own. That’s when I decided to create a blog. It was just me writing on it and then one of my school friends asked me if she could write on it too? I was ecstatic and that opened my mind to a prospect of making this platform what it is today.