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No matter how alone you might feel, you are not! Someone out there is going through something similar.

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For writers we provide a safe platform and creative freedom to share their views and learnings. For the readers we aim to provide a feeling of being a part of something bigger. The blog provides a safe platform through the means of various mediums. Read more about us here.

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Jahnvi Kataria

Jahnvi Kataria, the founder of The Wellbeing Blog is a Business Psychologist and a wellbeing advocate. She believes that no one is truly alone and everyone’s experience matters. She was motivated to start this blog when she saw a lack of platform for unbiased opinions and that is how The Wellbeing Blog was formed. Jahnvi is a dancer, writer, and a motivator…

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Ego & Self-Esteem | Jahnvi

Self-esteem is a term that everyone is all too familiar with. We use this word to describe how we feel about ourselves in a social standing. It is the value … Continue reading Ego & Self-Esteem | Jahnvi

Perfect Imperfections | Lavanya

Somehow, we are convinced to find peace and to be full is the goal, When maybe the goal is to just be okay with the chaos, to find the peace … Continue reading Perfect Imperfections | Lavanya

The Period of Happiness | Kritika

They say you don’t really comprehend what a word means until you’ve felt it, experienced it yourself. And this year has been like a real-life dictionary for me. I have … Continue reading The Period of Happiness | Kritika

Anxiety Management | Jahnvi

Sometimes we cannot go to professionals. Sometimes self-care is the option we opt for. I wrote about how worrying does no good. I talked about how nothing will be achieved … Continue reading Anxiety Management | Jahnvi

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