Content Writer

Atray, our second pseudo author is born and brought up in Delhi. Ever since he started reading his first novel he fell in love with reading. “I considered myself an avid reader a few years ago albeit it was mostly fantasy/fictional books. It gave me a chance to live the lives that I never could in the world we’re breathing in. It felt surreal with a hint of magic in it.” He is trying to get in the groove of reading novels again. He likes to do poetry although he had never taken it seriously enough. They’re mostly whimsical and rather spontaneous according to him. In the name of sports, he only likes to watch cricket and sometimes a bit of professional wrestling. Atray also watches old classical shows like Tom & Jerry.

Evergreen old Hindi songs are something that touches him deeply but he is also a fan of Eminem’s music. Atray enjoys a mix of Hindi and English songs. His dream is to travel places and find more beauty in this world. Atray’s idea of life is to give as much love as he can to those around him and always ensure that he becomes a good human before anything else.

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

I remember initially I only imagined to write a couple of blog posts just because it seemed a fun thing to do as I love to write but it can get tedious when you’re feeling alone in this. So, it was like writing for people and at the same time writing for a friend. One of the best thing I found though was receptive nature of the all the members of the blog as well as the owner’s. It is an inclusive group, aura is positive and one would never feel unwanted over here or be hesitant to express themselves.