Ambalika Dwivedi

Content Writer

Ambalika is someone who loves reading, writing, singing and exploring human mind through insightful conversations. She believes it’s never too late to find your calling and art makes the process a lot more easier. She is a financial analyst at an MNC and is studying psychology on the side. She believes that life is beautiful and “once in a while you should find time for yourself in knowing the deeper version in you”. She likes writing poetries amalgamated with life and love because what else do you truly need to survive. Ambalika strongly believe that there should be a deeper purpose to your life than just making profit, which will anyway be the byproduct of life.

She also like singing in her leisure time and wish to learn as many musical instruments as possible in the long run. A side of her also likes knowing about space and science and how will the future look like every five years down the line. Ambalika has a knack for holding conversations because that is how beautiful discoveries keep happening. She wishes to be a voice of change for the society in whatever shape or manner she possibly can. Ambalika’s Instagram is @ambieonhigh

Experience with ‘The Wellbeing Blog’

The sole motive of joining the wellbeing blog was so I could be myself. I have the freedom to express what I feel, how I want to put it without any barriers. This enables us to bring out the best version of ourselves to the table. To whatever brief experience I have of writing for the wellbeing blog, I have felt utmost ease in expressing through my writing skills. Looking forward to many more exciting and enlightening experiences ahead in this journey.