The Wellbeing Blog

A Wellness Initiative

Giving people a platform, a voice is important. The Wellbeing Blog a wellness initiative with multiple services that hopefully will help you get through difficult times (even if it’s just a little). We are a community who are struggling ourselves and want to share our experiences and learnings with you – “We see you, and we are here for you.”

Let’s make ourselves heard. Not to hurt people, but to make them aware. This platform is developed to create a place where people talk about anything and everything. A platform that can help many including it’s writers.

Together we are whole
The Philosophy

This initiative was given birth by Jahnvi Kataria in an attempt to provide a platform to people who want to speak the truth and reflect on what their lives have been about. Additionally, to provide people a place where individuals can come and relate to the writers and realise that no one is truly alone in their struggles.


“Very action based philosophy . Do your part to the best of your ability and let the Universe respond.”

– Hema Goel

Your point of view towards life is really refreshing. Beautifully written.


“Wow! Absolutely right. I really admired this article and your thoughts how you dealt with. You raised a voice of many people. You wrote it very well and I appreciated your this initiative. Go ahead. All my wishes with you. You just light up the room, I wish that everyone in the country will read this.


“It’s beautifully expressed, today also most parents and teachers are looking on a glass always as half empty . Need a change in mind set.”

-Heena Vishwanath

This is beautifully written. It started with so much despair but ended with a hope of positive touch. The writing style is wonderful.

-Johnson Sheamus

“Ah! My love for psychological understanding about its concepts drove me to search for anxiety management techniques to help out a colleague and although it’s a topic that has been shared by many writers, I felt this post was intriguing. Many different people sharing how they tackle it was nice to read in this article. Honestly it is easier said than done but we need discussions regarding it from time to time. I am digging your blog.”