Improvement through trying

Giving people a platform, a voice is important. So here is a blog and podcast service that hopefully will help you get through difficult times (even if it’s just a little). We are a community here who are struggling ourselves and want to share our waves with you – “We see you, and we are here for you.”

We together are whole

So let’s do this, let’s make ourselves heard. Not to hurt people, but to make them aware. This platform is developed to create a place where people talk about anything and everything. A platform that can help many and those many include not just the readers, but the writers too

This initiative was given birth by Jahnvi Kataria in an attempt to provide a platform to people to speak the truth and reflect on what their lives have been about. Additionally, to provide people a place where individuals can come and relate to the writers and realise that no one is truly alone in their struggles.

Introducing this blog’s House Author: Jahnvi Kataria (Page available)

Introducing this blog’s Guest Authors (Page available)

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This is a place for constant improvement and so this blog shall also be a part of it’s constant improvement