Is it Every Enough? | Rohit

I have questions to which I never will get answers. The biggest question that runs my mind is, is it ever enough?

Is it ever enough? The love you give to someone. 

Is it ever enough? All the things to do for your family.

Is it ever enough? The way you live. 

Is it ever enough? The life that is offered to you.

I have never come to a simple answer for this until today. A realisation hit my head. Yes, it is always enough. Your head needs to understand this and no one else is bound to understand what you realise. Your realisation is all that matters. When you think you have done enough, then there is no possible way that it can make others understand the same as their expectation will always measure you low. You are enough for yourself. Your understanding is a gateway to self-realisation and true happiness. 

When you become successful the same people who once looked you down, now want to be with you. Spend more time with you, feel the grace of god but when hardships hit they hit you hard and these hands leave you in the wilderness and your stand is all that matters. Never let yourself down and fight whatever comes your way. If you lose yourself in the process that’s fine. But always remember once you come back the trees will be green again. The sea will be blue again. Life will be perfect again.

This gives me the idea of understanding myself. What I am, what I was and what I have become. 

Whatever I am I have been great. I am a successful man not in terms of money but in terms of myself. It shines of success in every mirror I look into and I am proud of myself and that’s all that matters. It is always enough because I put my hundred percent into it so yes it is enough as I am enough, nothing needed, nothing demanded.

I want everyone to understand that you are enough. Look deeper stop hitting enough spots. It will never come and you will never be able to reach it as per the perceptions of others but once you think you are enough then congratulations you have marked that spot and now no one can take it from you.



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