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We all have problems and as human beings, we all are bound to suffer at one point or another in our lifetime. There is no way to avoid the inevitable and the problems we face are one of those things. We are bound to face them as we get older. As they say, ups and downs are a part of life. It isn’t so uncommon to have sleepless nights due to stress arising from those troubles. They have the power to shake our peace of mind, make us toss and turn until our eyes close and our body crashes.

Problems are unavoidable and can be hard to tackle. However, our perspective toward them can be the game changer!

Often people make the mistake of focusing on problems instead of focusing more on their solutions! Thinking too deeply about all the troubles does not help anyone but what it does is, it causes us to panic and ultimately leads to anxiety and stress when it is done for a prolonged period. When we think positively and look for solutions, it not only makes us productive but also gives us a belief that we can face anything in life. It empowers us to entrust ourselves.

Whatever the circumstances, whatever the tragedy- “Every problem has a solution.” If we constantly think and see things like this, subconsciously we are teaching ourselves to be brave and strong. It prepares us to be ready for all the challenges that may come our way! Our thinking pattern cannot be changed in one or few days, it is a habit we have to form.

You must have noticed that when you keep doing the same thing over and over, at some point you reach a stage where you feel so familiar with it that you start thinking that you can do it while being half-asleep.

Similar to that, constantly telling yourself that “once I know the problem and understand it thoroughly, I’ll stop over analysing it and instead consistently brainstorm to find a solution for it” makes your brain hardwired to be a lot more positive towards your environment and to the situations you are in. This is why the human mind is considered so powerful yet we perhaps do not realize its true potential. We can mould it the way we want and while it can be possibly tough, we certainly can believe it is doable.


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