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When it comes to a friendship or any relationship, things tend to go up and down. There are some good days and there are some bad days. But when your close person changes you feel heartbreak whether it’s a friendship or a relationship. You feel so angry, sad, confused, and helpless, all at the same time. Sometimes you even blame yourself, get anxious, doubt yourself, or doubt them. You are in constant denial that it is not true and hard to believe and accept.

The best possible thing is to respect that bond enough and communicate the changes you have seen and how it’s hurting you. If the person is Not willing to understand and accept things, then make yourself understand that respect for yourself matters the most and the relationship has just become normal. It’s hard to believe and hard to understand.

You have 2 choices: either you can close the chapter with mutual respect and understanding and walk away or accept the change and wait for the person. Staying in a relationship where the person is not the same will only hurt you. You will only get hurt and disappointed. Eventually, you will get tired.

When this happens personally, I believe to choose myself over other. But what if we stay for that special person and keep on hurting ourselves?  Trust me, you will only lose yourself and your heart will ache.

The only option I would recommend is to walk away and choose yourself, help yourself. Walk with dignity without any fights, maintain a boundary, and maintain a distance. If that person belongs to you, you will eventually find your way back. Till then, try to do what is right. Love yourself and just walk away.


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