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“MINDSET”, is a current catchword in the wellness and psychology landscape. But what is it? Why is it so important? It is not something new, but with the world changing with tides, it shows that people have begun to focus more inwards and not try to gain control over what is in their purview. It is critical because it is the key driver of all the outcomes of life.

A mindset is an established set of attitudes held by someone, this set is controlled by the life experiences of an individual, here is a theory that there are two types of mindsets: – fixed and growth.

A person with a fixed mindset believes that their talents and abilities are limited and innate. They attribute their success or failure to their natural shortcomings and believe that these are inflexible. Conversely, someone with a growth mindset, believes that their growth is governed by the hard work they put in to expand their capabilities through effort and persistence, they believe that they have control over what they are capable of.

The type of mindset a person has is the outcome of how they were subjected to feedback as a child, a person may have a self-loathing mindset every time they underperform to their expectations, or for say, a high-schooler may attribute their success to only when specifically one of the parent praise them and would not care about the appraisals given by others, some may even think that they are only deserving of treating themselves with something good when they have accomplished a  goal, or for some, it may not even matter to have a successful outcome. The feedback given to us while growing up, majorly as teens play the most important role while shaping our future mentally, a person may only cling on to a straw with all of their faith or will not even bother to see it, it is all based upon the mindset which they possess.

Furthermore, it also plays a big role in how they manage their setbacks or uncertain situations, this is where the theory applies for a fixed mindset a setback is an intruder which lets you give up on everything, while for a growth mindset, it isn’t an intruder rather a lesson to be flexible and carry on. To choose amongst the two, none of it weighs more, both are equally important for a ‘balance of acts’ in situations, but to improve their mindset a person has ample options for starters Show Yourself, Grace, Stop with the Negative Self Talk, Figure Out What Matters to You and Go For It.


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