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Many of us work in hectic jobs where the individual does not get time for one’s own basic needs. Some of us feel that self-care is a selfish thing to do and we should focus more on others’ needs and we spend all our life focusing on others and forgetting to take care of ourselves.

Even though self-care feels like a selfish thing to you, it is really important for your own physical and mental health. Self-care does not involve just pampering yourself by using different makeup products or using products on your body, it does involve things such as letting go, and maintaining journals and gratitude lists for your mental peace.

Self-care is a form of self-love that we show to our bodies and our mind. For example, Mental self-care is about cultivating a healthy mindset through mindfulness and curiosity. Mental self-care is important for developing a healthy mindset, growing your skills, reducing stress, and enhancing your knowledge and creativity which can be done by writing blogs, and journals, and showing gratitude.

Writing down positive affirmations and setting a boundary with the other person and watching deep movies can help you understand yourself more, better deal with challenges and setbacks, and develop healthy emotional responses.

We all are very much about physical self-care. It involves proper diet and sleeping on time. But how many of us do it? Taking care of one physically helps in boosting energy, and boosting your self-esteem.

Nowadays people are involved in environmental self-care which is basically, keeping the areas or spaces clean where they spend most of their time so they have better understanding and clarity. It can be the bedroom or office like arranging your workspace to be more comfortable, exploring somewhere new (even if it’s in your town), decluttering your living space, or going outside for a walk.

True self-care is deciding if you are going to accept whatever is causing you discomfort or if you are going to change it.

Everyone tries to accept it for a long time to convince themselves that things are okay, but there is no way, one could keep up life in a hustle state like that. In some cases, one has to let go of something to truly feel like themselves again.

My main point here is that self-care is deeper than a lot of us even realize. It’s more than daily wellness habits (even though those are important). It’s releasing one’s true discomfort, understanding and accepting and letting go of it and just living and loving yourself wholeheartedly.


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