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I welcome you to the beginning of kaliyuga where we have already spent 5000 years and are left with 5000 more until the big boom/reincarnation of god as per Hindu scriptures. The biggest reason god would take birth as a human is pretty interesting and it’s not uncommon as this happened in all yugas and that is to end the evil. 

But what are these deeds that decide whether we are good or bad? We are often told this is bad for you or this is good for you but exactly what is the purpose of this dilemma and why is this knowledge important. It is of value as it differentiates our karma the law-binding force that creates us as humans. We can perform good deeds and throw that positive thought into the universe. Now, this thought can come back to us in an instant positive way or maybe in some time but when this thought comes back to us instantly. It becomes our instant karma 

Instant karma is no more a concept as people have and will experience it, helping poor people, the homeless, and even your friends and family and lands you into getting 100 times more than what you gave them. Whether it’s a t-shirt or a few dollars, it’s all worth it. This karma will come back to you instantly. 

But it invites greed and some people help others just to get what they are getting out of them, instant karma works both ways, even if the emotion of greed is displayed and thrown into the world, everything will fall apart as well. 

We just need to understand that we are on a stage where time is the ruler and so far we can’t do anything to change time but what we can do is not consider someone inferior/superior and treat each other with the eyes of equal ness and making sure that we deliver the best of human beings we can, no matter if it is beneficial to us or not. Be a giver first only then you would know how good it feels to be a receiver but never give in the hope of receiving because things happen slowly and instant karma is a rare scenario



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