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As humans, we have the capability of being diverse and falling in multiple shoes. We have all the means to be at any place we wish to be with the resources we are gifted with. We are one of the few rare species that is both a creator and a creation. We are the creator because we choose the food we eat. And we are a creation because the food that goes into our belly becomes a part of our system.

When we talk about productivity and efficiency, they are natural by-products of an efficient mind and body. Productivity is a bonus when you love doing what you do. That enables you to get into that zone effortlessly and in no time, you will discover how productive you are becoming day by day.

We in the universe operate in a certain pattern of cause and effect relationships. So if there is a cause of something, there is an effect thereafter. And as humans, we have the senses to decide on what side of the scale we choose to be on. If you choose to be on the cause side, you have all the chances to build your life your way and thereby get desired results. Whereas if you choose to be on the effect side, we try to negate big excuses and fall prey to some of the other excuses and act as victims of the action you took.

While productivity is a measurable component, technically it stands tall and balanced only on the base of it all which is not measurable. There are so many immeasurable and highly recommended components that help you rejuvenate. They are:

  • Set the goal but love the process: It is always advised to focus on the process and not the goal because we would eventually reach there. The world around you is a multitude of rhythmic processes. The sun revolves around the earth in a 24-hour cycle. There is a cycle of ageing from an infant to a grown-up man. A fundamental understanding of your being is important to be mentally healthy and in turn, focus on your productivity.
  • Compete with yourself only: no doubt your abilities to try something. Try training your mind to perceive without being judgmental and doubtful. There is a big possibility of being psychologically trapped in peer pressure and keep competing ending up losing the essence of life.
  • Journal for clarity of thoughts: Wondering how this is interlinked with productivity? Well, the more you pen down your thoughts, the clearer your head space and as a result, you have more room to know what and how you want things in life. This in turn minimizes your wastage and helps you to focus and get productive.

You are much more than you ever think of. So never lose the chance of unleashing your potential. You are a star in your way, you just got to find your way of making it shine and you are all set to fly sky high.



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