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The power of decision is a very powerful tool in our mind but unfortunately, it is rarely used. We are so used to going with the flow that we assume that that is what we want and perceive it as the decision that we have made. That is just how the human brain works most of the time.
Most of us have never used this power in our life. ( I am to saying that it is a good or bad thing. It is just my observation) Whenever we reach a crossroad in life, a lot of factors play various roles in influencing our decisions. It is only when we ignore these factors and make a decision is when we are exercising the power of decision.
How do we know that we have exercised this power is when people around us will tell us that we have taken the wrong decision and will try to convince us to change it (they probably are correct.) This signifies that we are trying to challenge the way people around us think. This is us trying not to go with the flow.
The fact that we have decided that we will not go with the flow in the first place is commendable and we should pat ourselves on the back. This was a huge decision which hopefully will pay off. You have now exercised the power of decision. If you stick with this decision, it will most probably lead to greater things but if you are not mindful it can have the exact opposite effect on your life.
You will say that we exercise the power of decision every day multiple times. We get up in the morning and decide to go to work, what to wear, what to eat, where to go on the holidays, whom to spend time with etc. these are all decisions that we are constantly making but we are not exercising our power of decision in making them. Most of these decisions are made by our subconscious mind even before we realise or even know that we will be making them. This is going with the flow.
The power of decision is exercised when we make a decision that is life-altering and against the flow, for example, if you decide to get married to someone despite everyone telling you that the other person is not right for you. This will lead to one of the two outcomes. Either the marriage will be a disaster from the beginning or it will be such a huge success that people will be using you as an example of how they should live. So, you see that it will be a case of extremes and there will be no in-betweens. It will be a life-changing decision either way.
You did not have to do it yet you did, that is the power of decision which I believe that we should all exercise at least once in our lifetime and see how it will alter our life.



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