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If you are wondering that no such thing exists, then let me just enlighten you by busting some unacceptable myths that psychologists generally go through given at what pace this profession is rising.

This is actually based on a stereotype that psychologists are listeners, someone who is a perfect person and would not generally express strident emotions like anger or agony. This cannot be true for so many reasons that could possibly come to your head.

Studying Psychology does not make you immune to life’s problems. The people studying it have bad days as well and go through heartbreaks just like you do. They also get angry just like everyone else and might not want to entertain everyone when they are not doing well mentally, JUST LIKE YOU! Oftentimes, they get to hear “as a psychologist how can you talk like this” or “how can you react like this.” Honestly, being one does not make you immune to your negative emotions but paves a path for you to understand that all your emotions are valid, even the negative ones.

And isn’t this applicable to all ‘noble’ professions? A doctor would need another doctor to get a surgery done, a therapist could need another mate to understand what she herself is going through. But a doctor might not know ‘everything’ before taking a step (just an example), a mathematician can get wrong answers, a dentist might get cavities and so on. Making mockery of a profession in any shape or form won’t be amusing. It is not about glorifying this profession but to understand, empathize and not stereotype a profession just for the sake of it.

It’s understandable that not every time we would be able to find someone who has a structured approach and advises what we actually need. It would take many attempts to land at one perfect person who is your fit and that’s okay. Also, many times, we forget to distinguish between our personal and professional lives and that becomes a cause of so many problems. You can have decent experience in your profession but still have the room to commit mistakes. So the next time you visit a psychologist/therapist, give them the space to ask you questions, also some uncomfortable ones. Give them the luxury to adapt ways so that you can seek comfort. But that does not make them any less in their expertise.

We as a generation have been gifted with tremendous opportunities, technology and also creativity. We cannot just waste our energy in invalidating someone’s foolproof energy and commitment to something. Anything and everything that we do requires effort whether or not we can see it. Let us channelize this energy in doing and making all professions worth pursuing. Cheers!



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