I’ll Heal | Lavanya

I survived, an echoing fog

Wrapping around is what it feels like

I freeze in the hope for this nightmare to end

But it is all tired cliché

It hurts, I try to sedate it

Oh, but it never works

I try to imagine the day

If I didn’t wake up

But it is making me sick

And I can’t take no more

But I go on consoling myself each day

Waking up is a reward I’d rather make salient

Till its no longer a need someday

But it is time, I say

I will heal, I hope

It is the sanity I want

To keep me from leaving

But if I say I will leave

I would not have to fix it

And the pain will go away

And it will be okay

I can’t thus know

Is leaving easier than staying

But it is time, I say

I will heal, I hope.


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