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The days are stressful and it is creating a lot of evil in our society without end and mercy. The demon at its peak and what looks like a beautiful dream is a disastrous nightmare. Youth the pillars our future relies on have been dragged into the gutter of hard drugs and halogens which start off like a piece of stress management but then convert itself into the real monster it is for us . Weed, hash, and cocaine are just common these days among youth and we have no way to identify which is right or wrong because part of our knowledge comes from our seniors who are no other than our enemies dragging us into this hell which we don’t belong to.

Minds are great and the real potential of our mind is beyond the limit and no temporary limitations or expanders can give us the true knowledge of our potential. 

We have been learning a lot about ourselves through meditation and yoga for years and now we don’t want to lose that legacy over a pill that creates a temporary hallucination of that experience. 

Drugs are widely used monsters, especially by human traffickers. These monsters are given to innocent people and while they are in that hallucinations are transported to various places of the world either for slavery or prostitution. The change is much needed and we all know where to begin from. Human trafficking is the worst someone can do to a human being. It just doesn’t destroy someone”s right to life but hurts the soul of the person to which it relates. 

This we are not sure how and when this can be treated all we hope for is a better system where this all can be treated and with patience and effort can be eradicated so that no other life is ever Wasted and no other person should suffer the mere consequences of someone’s greed or impatience. 



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