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I’ve often seen that in a relationship, one person always thinks that they put in more effort and try harder than the other one. Sometimes it’s easy for us to hold someone responsible for everything and come out clean ourselves, isn’t it?

And whenever we think of a relationship, we all want to be heard, valued, respected and above all loved. But we often forget that it’s not only about us. One has to give it all, not just in the beginning of it when we are hopelessly romantic under our pillows, but every single day. We need to prove to ourselves that we want that person every single day no matter what they do.

Not every love leads to a relationship, a relationship doesn’t guarantee love. People fall out of love and lose interest when their thoughts aren’t respected, they aren’t valued, and most importantly, when they’re disrespected.

Mutual respect is a bare minimum behaviour we can accept in a relationship when two people are together, and someday but somewhere we find ourselves only putting every little effort we can save this relationship instead of holding, we should let them go. Is it a loss when someone who isn’t emotionally involved is lost?

Letting go is painful and difficult but making ourselves comfortable with someone’s toxicity is even worse. You try everything you can buy some or the other days, if one or the other person loses up, even love isn’t enough to save the bond.

But does love know any rules? No, it doesn’t. As humans, we all want to be loved, but wouldn’t the world be a better place if we choose to love over wanting to be loved.

Letting go of someone is painful, but letting go of someone toxic is beautiful, and a guide to self-healing.


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