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It is not every day we talk about men’s health in particular as being healthy and discussing health is not something one would associate with the gender. But since men’s health week is here, it is imperative we not only talk about it but also ensure we take care and motivate them to be more active and remain conscious of their good health for a good life.

After all, you can only conquer the world if you’re in a good condition yourself! So, eat right and exercise, king!

However, in the modern age, it would be naive if we thought just taking care of ourselves physically would be enough. Especially on this platform, you cannot escape without talking about the mental health aspect of it.

You’d often hear and read about men falling under stress quite often. Be it right or wrong, that’s a separate topic but the societal norms dictate men bear responsibilities especially if their family is not in an ideal condition. This is something that’s just expected of them, i.e., be a provider to their family.

When men are aware they have to pull up their socks, bow their head down, and march along despite all the struggles and unfortunate things that they’ve no control over happening to them, being under stress would be an understatement in that case as they’d be just getting by and barely alive. So what do they end up doing? Just smile back and make it look like it’s all okay.

A consolation of sorts in that scenario would be if someone is watching their every step and cheering for them, i.e, giving recognition for all they do! It goes a long way if someone recognizes how strong some men also are!

Unfortunately, society, in general, doesn’t do that. As we previously mentioned, it is just expected of them so why would you single anyone out for showcasing strength? “Emotions are for the weak” – that’s a mindset that used to be prevalent back in the olden days. Thankfully, it is changing a lot now.

With such a burden of responsibilities and chronic stress, it wouldn’t surprise anyone many men fall into depression – some get diagnosed, some do not.

So you see, it’s a chain of events that leads to the trap of mental illness and not just depression but many illnesses both physical and mental. This is just one aspect we discussed here on the cause of declining men’s health. But what it tells us is that we need to remember behind that smiling face, could be hiding a shattered and a broken heart. So folks! Take care of your men around you and don’t expect that they’d be simply fine on their own.


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