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I don’t usually get attached easily. Call it experience or a flaw, I tend to spend more time with people before actually letting them in. It takes me more than a few dates to trust someone, but once they are in, I’m mortified of the day when it comes their time to leave. I’m a non-confrontational person and thus, I’ll try everything in my power to make them stay. Even if the means aren’t healthy anymore. This just shows that when I’m the one who lets a person go, no matter how toxic they were for me, there’s still a sliver of my heart that keeps missing the temporary comfort they used to make me feel. But, as much as you long for that feeling, you need to assure yourself that they just weren’t worth it. Worth your effort, worth your countless messages, your tears, and ultimately, worth jeopardizing your happiness. Losing people isn’t easy. I know. But, when you realize a person’s toxicity and you do an active effort to cut them off from your life, once they are gone, the relief and the boost in self-respect you get are unmatched.

These people cover themselves with a mask of comfort and happiness, they make you feel that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, and you get attached or fall in love. But then comes the constant belittling, the unopened messages, unanswered calls, unending fights, and making you feel that it’s always your fault. Rings a bell, doesn’t it? And we still keep doing efforts, most of the time thinking that maybe it is our fault. Maybe we are the one who doesn’t deserve them. Stop thinking that. You are amazing. Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody has any right to treat you that way. Would you hold a thorned rose in your hand for too long just because it looks beautiful? You won’t, right? Think of them like that. Momentary comfort doesn’t and shouldn’t supersede your inner peace. That kind of toxicity affects your lifestyle and your mental health and might hamper your ability to make emotional connections in the future. They just aren’t worth it.

It’s a gentle reminder for everyone that leaving toxic people doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a happier one. Even if you’ve had a few many heartbreaks, having another one would be better than feeling your heart slowly corrode away with time.



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