Open Letter to Chandler Bing | Jatin

It’s been 16 years since you’re gone and that void hasn’t been filled by anyone yet. ‘I just want a million dollars’ introduced most of us to sarcasm and hand to god, who wants advice when you are equipped with sarcasm?

You made us realize that the kindest-hearted people are hopeless, awkward, and desperate for love, just looking for someone to unpack with together. Bracelet buddies or not, everyone is looking for someone like you. Going out of the way to help out Joey financially and emotionally. Or letting go of someone you loved for your best friend, and even getting ready to pee on your friend to save them from the pain, you’ve done it all. Sir, you’ve set friendship goals without even knowing. And if that wasn’t enough, you left no stone unturned in the relationship area either.

You were the guy who was petrified of marriage (most of us are) and yet when you got together with Monica you planned your whole future with her. Including an apartment over the garage where Joey would grow old. Despite Monica complaining about her ‘maintenance’, you accepted and loved her exactly the way she was, you liked ‘maintaining’ her, you said. Whether it was trying to execute the perfect proposal, attempting to clean the apartment multiple times (you never succeeded though) so that Monica would get happy, or wanting the Swing Kings at your wedding just because you had your first dance with your girlfriend at their concert, where you finally realized you wanted to dance all your dances with her, for a man with a hollow tin chest, I’d say you did pretty well.

Despite your flaws, Chandler Muriel Bing (sorry I had to use your middle name) you might be the one person we adore the most. You improved our humour, made us understand that being nervous and awkward is natural. Altogether helped us become a more sarcastic and loving version of ourselves and for that, Thank you!

And yes, you are not ‘blah’. You were, you are, and you’ll always be a hoot.



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