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Today I am going to write on the topic that I feel is much required and we talk about it a lot but do nothing about it. Stress is the silent killer; we don’t need an enemy until stress is by our side because its poison can cause slow death and it’s no less than any other mental health difficulty. Stress can develop anytime and anywhere whether the coffee is too hot or you see your ex with someone else. Stress Your permanent friend will always be there for you. Be mindful that it won’t leave your side until you try and eliminate it. Not completely but slowly and gradually. 

As the exam season approaches students get this huge amount of stress building up in them about good results and perfect scores. However, the tables turn when this stress doesn’t even let them study properly because they constantly worry about their scores and this sometimes leads to failure and more stress.

This stress awareness month we all need to observe our stress and even recognise it if someone else is feeling stress around us. If you are constantly under stress you can be a host of diseases like pressure, chest pain, and problems with sex and sleep. 

We all want to avoid this kind of life and sometimes stress also gives birth to a new disease called overthinking. The power to think about something that has never happened and be even more stressed. When I said this is a slow poison I was not joking. It slowly takes over your body. You start to eat a lot which we call stress eating and then it slowly starts killing us. There are many ways we can manage this and all these ways won’t eliminate this problem but would fade slowly and gradually.

The first and foremost way to get rid of this is through workout and meditation, next go outside do what you like, accompany your dog for a walk and just look at that smile, write down if something is wrong and seek the help of your friends and family, listen to your favourite playlist to keep you in a good mood and lastly do something creative you can create a lot taking out these negative energies on a paper, canvas or a guitar. We all can together create a stressful full life by helping others and taking care of them just some extra care can help someone get back on their lives and this would create a world full of humans with the actual humanity that we all started with.



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