Perhaps | Lavanya

Why doesn’t it stop, 

Perhaps it never would stop 

The thought  

I could be yours or I could not, 

This may work or this might not, 

This may last or this might not 

The emotions could be real or they might not, 

And while there are all the chances that this could be 

More wrong than right  

I would love to hold on to the bitter little hope that  

I will have something I don’t  

Even if I will lose it all 

Perhaps it won’t stop 

No matter how bitter it is  

When it is sweet it is sweet. 

Love is something we run into  

When we run from it  

And so are you, 

Or maybe I am some,  

being alone for some, is now  

Better than being left alone by some  

Perhaps It won’t stop. 

You cannot take back the words you said,  

You cannot take back the emotion you gave, 

You cannot change where you have been, 

You cannot know how many beats your heart sustains, 

But what can be done is to hold on to things  

Even when there is nothing in between  

For I so wonder, it is affordable to hold on to things  

Than the acceptance of letting them go, 

 The hearts can be really delusional to hold onto things 

But somewhere they do exist,  

Perhaps you just read this poem  

And I knew this poem  

Knowing it will never stop. 


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  1. Beautifully composed and Beautifully expressed the mixed feelings. Lovely

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