Tamasha: Be who you are | Jatin

An underrated masterpiece. This is one of those movies that stay with you long after the end credits roll. Tara and Ved- Tara deserve to be mentioned first because, without her, we won’t have Ved or this movie. Imtiaz Ali embodies actual human emotions with such ease in his characters and these two accurately showcase his talents. 

This movie is much more than a love story. This is the kind of story where, as the characters find their true self, you do too. Imtiaz Ali has written a story that’s a satire on life. A life that has been led by following the crowd & doing what makes you hate yourself. The film yells at the audience to stop covering themselves with layers of sorry, lies & trying too hard just to fit in. As Ved starts randomly bursting out during his presentation, we start realizing how all of us want to do just that, break free of our mundane routine and do something we are passionate about.

The movie also makes you reminisce about the love you once had, the one you lost, and the one you’ll do anything to get back. It makes you feel emotions in their raw form, when Tara cries and pleads Ved to stay with her, you relate to the desperation and the love because we all have felt that once. Tara made Ved realize what he truly was- A storyteller with a corporate shell, and made him breathe the air he was made for and that is why, when he bowed in front of her in the end, we knew she deserved all of it. 

 Tamasha will always hold a special place in my heart as it made me realize how there is no one perfect way of life. It’s your life and you have the ability to carve a special path for yourself. 

Kya hua? Pasand nahi aayi ending? Koi baat nahi…Badal dengey…humari apni hai” (What happened? Didn’t like the ending? That’s okay…we’ll change it….it’s our story”

Imtiaz Ali forever changed my perception of life and for that, I’ll always be thankful to him, Don and Mona Darling!



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