Isolation: Happy yet Destructive | Rohit

Most of us at some point in life have thought about going into complete isolation where we are hiding from society and this generally happens when we see a lot of toxicity around us and we find everyone lying and cheating. Isolation is completely normal and healthy until we are not ready to accept society anymore and decide to go into a phase where we try to avoid everyone and everything for a long period. It becomes a mental disorder if you are staying indoors for over 6 months with no contact with your family members as well. This concept is quite famous in Japan and a lot of people are practising this and is called hikikomori.

Societal rejects who reject society at each step and are unwilling to go outside and are generally addicted to adult movies, cigarettes and alcohol just to escape reality. They grow impatient and have excessive mood swings and suicidal thoughts as they continuously think of these worldly humans as demons trying to tear them apart. The worst part about this is that their parents are aware yet are not able to do anything about it as sometimes they even isolate them from their parents and only contact them when they need money. Nowadays with everything delivered at your doorstep from your food, medicines and all essentials, the need for going out is minimal and we have all experienced this kind of a lifestyle when we were in lockdown where we were not going out and were indoors with our families. But this is different as they have no one and are locked up in a room with nothing but tv and maybe a game set. They are highly active and smart individuals who throw their lives either because of childhood trauma or sometimes a very hard break-up. They require extreme medical attention as they develop a fear of society over time and are in desperate need of someoneโ€™s help yet unaware about it. Escaping from reality is a good step only until you are escaping not fearing it. Their fear can develop into a suicidal thought quick as they are spending all the time fearing what is out there and overthinking about everything. 

Parents if your kids are shy to talk to anyone even you and are often in their rooms you should seek medical help as they might need it much more than you think as their minds can grow very complex and we must take care of it as every soul is beautiful and has a right to live with freedom, not fear. 



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