5 Years Down the Line | Part 2 | Atray

I’d be lying if I said that this thought didn’t cause me to be awake all night on numerous occasions. It was more so a few years back when I was probably still in school and college. This has reduced since I started working a job. Being in a real work environment made me understand that perhaps no job is perfect and there will be good and bad things wherever I go. I stopped overthinking it when I understood how hard life can be and how cruel it can be.

There came a time when it became imminent for me to think about survival before anything else. My dreams and aspirations went for a toss in trying to build a normal, stable life. However, I do admit from time to time it’s fun to speculate about the future and anticipate what new or exciting possibilities are there.

So where do I see myself five years down the line? Perhaps I would be taking it one day at a time like I am doing these days. Back in late 2018, I had thought about how I would want to live from hereon when I had lost my mother. All the little things I worried about had vanished. I’d say for a long time I probably didn’t feel anything at all – as if I had become a robot.

I also made a decision that I’d sit and review the years gone by if only I accomplish something worth noting and by the time, I turn old say maybe at 45-50 years of age. Till then I’d be making efforts for a better life and see where I land myself.

Apart from trying to live in the present and taking one day at once, from a practical standpoint, I see myself wanting to pursue a Master’s degree and travel a lot more. Advancing in my career will always be one of my topmost priorities because I have seen the extent of the value that money has. All the luxuries and even, in most cases, the dreams we have largely requires money if we want to go after them. Having said that, I see myself building relationships with people I already know. Life’s empty without people around you. I think the reason why advancing in my job/career is so important for me is because I want to have fun and give as much love as I can.

I see myself taking one day at a time, working and having fun with family and friends (if they stay in my life by then), seeing places, being fit and the rest is a mystery. Life is not a fairytale and it isn’t perfect yet the journey is worth it.


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