5 Years Down the Line | Part 1 | Jatin

It’s an interesting, speculative topic to talk about. Well, I am 21 as of now. 5 years down the line means 26, which means I would have to do some hard adulting, which is a daunting thought on its own. I swear when I was a kid, all I thought about was how sorted life would be when we’d be adults; no tension of doing regular homework, no irrelevant projects; I’ll just earn money, eat good food, and live a good life. Little did I know that, in my imagination, I had skipped a few steps. Quite significant too. It’s too late to crib now, I guess.

Okay, so, 5 years down the line, I think, I hope, I’ll be a more responsible adult; a full-fledged lawyer by then, I hope I’ll be making a difference in the world. One person does make a difference, and I hope I’ll be doing my part. Also, I think I’ll be a fully published author by then. I’ve been working on a novel for months, and I think, after endless hours of plotting, I’ll be able to finally send my book to a publisher. Besides law, writing is my only passion. I just want to write good stories, stories that people can awe over, that people can relate to, and within 5 years, I hope you all get to read them.

But all these goals are subjective and materialistic. If given the choice to choose the one thing that I’ll want to happen five years down the line, it is that I feel content. People spend years chasing after their materialistic goals, thinking that if they achieve them, they’ll be happy. But, are they? Spending years on a job, achieving everything possible, and still not being happy is my greatest fear. So, 5 years down the line, irrespective of what I achieve and what I don’t, I just hope that I feel content as to where I am. Not to sound preachy, but I prioritise peace while doing less rather than chaos while trying to do more.

I guess that’s all one can hope for, right? 5 years is too long a time frame to speculate. Till then, I don’t know how many fashionable versions of this pandemic we’ll suffer, but yes, if given a chance, these are the things I see myself doing 5 years down the line.

P.S.-Trying new types of coffee will forever be on my list no matter the years.



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