Silence – An Unattainable Power | Rohit

In this regular mundane life. The most beautiful gift given to us by the nature, by our mother earth and the gods of the seven heavens is silence. A state of mind that is hard to achieve and almost impossible to maintain. Our small little escapes are not what I am talking about. Some people confuse mental peace with silence. Silence is different. Mental peace is all about your thoughts aligned positively to your body, which gives us joy.

Silence takes us back to where we came from and that is nothingness. A feeling of being zero. A feeling that no one exists apart from you and at the same moment having no thought at all. Silence is eternal. Its power is often pushed deep in the sand but still, some people have got shovels to dig it out and taste it. We all can experience this kind of power in many ways as there is no specific way to make your mind a shunya or zero. Having no emotion or thought.ย 

The best and the most proven way is meditating and spending an hour with yourself in a closed room observing your thoughts and calming them down trying to observe all little things that worry us. All the things that give us joy. Not suppressing but understanding your emotions and their existence and making peace with it. Understanding what silence is and how important it is in your life and why is it important to shut down before rebooting your life again. We see a lot of people trying to attain something by suppressing it. This way only leads to an irregular and unhealthy path to eternal happiness. Instead observing something and killing it at its source is the best method. 

You donโ€™t have to leave or suppress any of the worldly desires but instead, understand that itโ€™s just a need and sooner or later it has to end and you will wake up to the reality that is silence. Nothing at all.ย 



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