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There comes a point in our lives where we feel nothing is going our way and the “surprise” in the quote, “Life has a way of surprising us”, is DEFINITELY not the kind of surprise we wanted. And things seem to go from bad to worse to worst to “this cannot be happening with me right now”. And what might seem like a short duration of time to someone else. Turns to be a period of endless winter for us. The internal conflict, the pain, the struggle, the hopelessness. The urge of wanting to give up, of shaking life by its shoulders and screaming “Why me?”

And although today might be a little less cold than yesterday, it is nowhere close to a warm day. We wonder when this winter would end, this period of hopelessness, this time of anxiety for our futures, success after the countless failed attempts to escape from this situation of ours.

In moments like these, where we are struggling to keep ourselves from drowning deeper into the dark, an infinite ocean of hopelessness, even a sliver of light is enough to pull us back up. Someone offering their hand to a person who has fallen might not be a big deal for them. But for the person on the ground, it might be the only means to stand back up on their feet.

This person might be anyone, your parents, your siblings, your friend, your partner, some artist you admire; someone who pulls you out of your thoughts and sparks a flicker of hope inside you. Someone who becomes your Sunshine.

There was a time when I was at a low ebb and nothing seemed to cheer me up. And everything that I used to enjoy doing previously seemed like a chore. It was during this time I came across someone who made me hopeful again and I learnt it isn’t about winning everything in one day, it is about taking it one day at a time. Just watching them used to bring an instant smile to my face, and I realised maybe smiling is not supposed to take so much effort, and I can do things to have fun and still get all my work done on time.

And even though they had pulled me up from the ground, I still leaned on them for some time to get the strength to stand independently on my own two feet. And I realised that that was okay too. It is okay to lean on someone when you are in pain so that you don’t injure yourself further.

That person taught me a lot of things, but the one that I am most grateful for is that “There is always hope, give it a go”.  This is a world built on hope― Hope World.



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