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As an adult whenever we think about school it makes us nostalgic and takes us on a happy journey. Having bittersweet moments. As we grow from children to adults, school plays the most important role in our life.

School days are the golden days where we got many friends, enjoyed their company, shared our happy and sad moments and sometimes lunch with them, played with them, and had a lot of fun. A school is a place where we grow up and it molds us as disciplined and knowledgeable people.

Despite having a good memory and good impact, what school or teachers do not teach us is life after school. In school, we are guided, saved, and secured by our teachers and parents. But once we leave the school, we are own our own. We have to survive alone. School or teachers does not teach us to live practically, they don’t prepare us for anxiety, loneliness, or bad situations.

When I was in 10th, I had my first panic attack when my teacher said to me I am going to fail. It created a lot of anxiety in me. And till now, it affects me.  In school, we are taught that marks matter without them you are not going to get anywhere better.

As we go in 12th, we somehow get anxious about our future and develop a fear of failure. So, is it the school that is embedding the idea in each of us of being “perfect” which does not allow us to create mistakes and fall? Teaching us marks are everything. And it’s going to affect us in the future. Aren’t the schools are raising more anxious kids who are more worried about their career and marks rather than their mental peace.

Since in primary grade, knowingly or unknowingly, teachers and parents encourage students to compete with each other in terms of marks. In school often the toppers get chances for everything and kids who are not doing well in school are left out and indirectly given suggested of not being enough or not good in anything. Children get an idea they will not going to do well or be successful after school. But it’s not true when we look in the world, the letters are backbenchers and dropouts. From school to college, we have been always worried about marks. From carrying the endless weight of the books to carrying one register in college they create a mindset of being successful. But in reality, success means being healthy mentally and physically.

And now at this point, I just have realized that the Indian education system should change and so should parents. They should focus more on children’s mental health. And teach them to be open and receptive and not all things are about numbers. And celebrate each student’s uniqueness, kindness and, contribution to society.


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