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The idea of never giving up and hustling to achieve what you take up is something that is sold daily to everyone, especially youngsters. As a society, we are looked down upon if we fail to achieve something that we have set as a goal for ourselves. We are constantly fed with examples of how people hustle and achieve things in life. Whereas giving up on something that you once thought, you could pass through is the worst deed.

The biggest problem why this is even considered a stigma is, we live in a comparison driven society. We mostly, deep down hope to be at par with everyone else that we are compared to. This kind of environment makes you uncomfortable and hinders putting out the best self in front of everyone you interact with. It restricts you to try out different things because the fear of failing at this as well remains.

Also, it is absurd how we assume that motivation is universal and would work for everyone in the same way. What if someone operates on self-motivation and doesn’t need exterior motivation. In the real world, the motivation that works for one might not work the same way for another. There might be people who go all the way to get their shit done while others might choose to give up midway. Totally depends on what call they take.

Do you think it makes any sense, though? Don’t you think a lot of awareness about it still needs to be made?

Additionally, our cognitive biases are so strong that most of the time they do not allow us to get out of an existing situation and try something new and exciting that involves risk. Because of this reason, we mostly stick to the regular jobs we hate,

Toxic relationships,

Friendships that are not fruitful anymore and so much more.

The concept of ‘never giving up’ disables you to give a thought and get out of what matters more as a whole.

It is the individual who is the best judge of what is the decision to be taken. Whether giving up does the drill or holding up makes you a lot more satisfied concerning the situation you are in.

Someone has very rightly said, ‘The beginning of wisdom is the recognition of reality.

Therefore, if giving up on something that sucks your blood gives you immense hope and satisfaction: don’t refrain to take that step.



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