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“I expect you to be there when I need you.” It’s all good to hear this at first but the problem arises when it is a one-sided rule. However, when the time comes to reciprocate, they vanish. We have always been taught to help the needy. It goes without saying that we should always be there for our loved ones, right? But let’s admit it, it’s not completely unnatural to feel we should get a bit of return on what we give albeit it’s ironic to think that way. If we’re expecting something in return, doesn’t that make us selfish as well?

So, I must say it isn’t necessarily that being selfish is wrong. Of course, one needs to think for themselves to survive in this world. But that doesn’t mean we only have to think for ourselves while completely neglecting the people around us.

Dealing with selfish people require a lot of patience and control over our own emotions.

◆Keep emotions in check

When someone just tries to use you for their benefit, you tend to feel angry and hurt. That’s human nature but to think clearly, you need to stay as neutral as possible and see the situation objectively.

◆ Try to reason

If they’re close to you and you can’t just push them away, it will get a bit tricky because you don’t want to lose them from your life. So, what is your option? They might understand you if they get a logical explanation of their behaviour. So, sitting down with them and reasoning might give them something to think about. 

◆ Explain them their actions hurt

Sticks and stones may break our bones but words, can potentially kill our soul? I know it doesn’t go like that but there’s an element of truth here. If they do not understand or accept your reasoning then you have to be firm and explain their actions are hurtful.

◆Accept and move on

Chances are if you’re dealing with a selfish person. They’re not going to grasp the concept that their actions suggest they’re taking advantage of you. This means bad news for you because either way they’re not going to change; in which case you will have to eventually move on. There’s no point pushing a wall. It’s not going to move.

Most of the time, people who take advantage of you are knowingly doing that. It is tough to identify such people but once you do, it is best to work on it at the earliest. If everything fails and you can’t tolerate their behaviour anymore, then it is best to distance yourself as you do from corona positive individuals.


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