Peace or Chaos | Rohit

In life, things are always related. One instance leads to another and the cycle continues. Relatability is what moves the world. If we remove one thing from the other. The world can be peaceful or can be chaotic depending upon the situation. My anger and emotions are well connected. Relatable to each other. If I remove my emotions attached to someone. My anger or love will also go away because that is just there as a mere result of relatability. 

We are related to our fathers, our mothers and our siblings but only until they die. Their death marks the end of the relation. We always cry and question because we have certain emotions attached to them. 

It’s very hard to find the things related to each other as the mere idea is much diverse than the actual visual representation. Visually it can be seen only at ground level. For example, a deaf person would not care how much you abuse him verbally because he cannot hear you. He cannot contemplate between hello and a cuss word. On the other hand, if you do the same thing to a person who does not have a hearing aid. He will instantly relate that cuss word to his ego, his family or what else. That relatability is what will make him angry and start a quarrel.

Now wonder if we take one thing out of our lives as it always takes two of those things to be related to each other. We might gain something out of it. Because you are cutting the problem at its source. This works for people who are willing to succeed, resting too much, too much Netflix is directly related to not being successful as you don’t want to move out of your comfort zone. This can be applied to multiple things. We need to take a thing out to end the cycle and see how life goes after we do that.

Always analyse which one is going to positively affect your life. As the earlier example, resting too much or Netflix all the time is going to ruin you, you might not be able to focus on your career more. This is a bad option try to cut this option out and not the option that leads to a successful career.  Analyze, contemplate, make a choice and succeed.



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